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Jobs at ZZBO plant

You want to work in the factory ZZBO and wanted to get in our team of professionals?

If you consider yourself a high-class specialist, ambitious and you have a desire to work - welcome to our board!

ZZBO production grows and develops - vacancies also constantly changed and updated!

We need only the best spices!

All the latest relevant open positions to work in the factory as follows:

  1. Sales Manager. Experience from 2 years.
  2. Sales Manager with knowledge of English. Experience from 1 year.
  3. Engineer automation systems. Programmer. Experience of 3 years.
  4. Manager of sales department online store. Experience from 2 years.
  5. Engineer (estimator). Experience of 3 years.
  6. Design Engineer I category. Experience of 5 years.
  7. Design engineer II category. Experience of 3 years.
  8. Design Engineer III category. Experience from 1 year.

Position factory ZZBO (ZZBO) Zlatoust

If you are an expert and ready a lot and work well, then send your CV to kadry@zzbo.ru

We will consider it on a competitive basis!

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CAMOZZI pneumatic gate - two-side

CAMOZZI pneumatic gate - two-side

CAMOZZI pneumatic gate - two-side

CAMOZZI pneumatic gate - two-side